Do You Actually NEED A Life Coach?

Do you actually NEED a life coach?

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Have you ever asked yourself:

Do I need a life coach?


If you have then here’s your answer..

In short, no, no one 'needs' a life coach, or any kind of coach for that matter.


The question you should be asking is:


Do I WANT a life coach?


Let me explain what I mean,


To use the word 'need' in the context of needing something to be different in order for you to feel how you want to feel implies that something is wrong now and that you don't have what you need right now.


The fact you THINK you need any thing or any one other than what you have right now is the only thing that's wrong here.


Because here's a Truth that I know to be true 100%...


You, I and everyone in the whole world already has everything they/we 'need' right now.


From the billionaires and Royals right through to those who you judge to be suffering the most unspeakable forms of pain and suffering,


None of us 'need' anything.


How do I know this,


Because right now, and right here, in this single moment,


Everything is ok.


Regardless of the situation, circumstance or what's going on around us,


Right here, and right now, in this very moment,


Everything is ok.


Note: If you want to disagree with me on this then you're obviously free to do that and I'm not here to argue the point I'm making either, if you do want to go deeper with what I've just said then I recommend 'The Power of Now' by Ekhart Tolle - It's a truly amazing book (It's one of Ophra's favourite books of all time).


So, suspending your beliefs for a moment, if everything is OK right here and right now,


Meaning you or I do not 'need' anything at all,


Then why would anyone even consider hiring a Life Coach (or any kind of coach at all)?


Well it all comes down to a couple of things,


  1. Do you have what you WANT?




  1. If you don't have what you want, do you know how to get what you want AND are you also able to  execute, or do things like fear, procrastination, impostor syndrome etc get in your way)?


See, if you already have what you want, and you keep getting what you want, then there's a very good chance that right now a Life coach wouldn't return much of an investment for you, although that statement could be open to being questioned because there's also a chance that a very good life coach may be able to see things you can't see which could result in you getting more of what you want and in an even shorter period of time too..




If you DON'T have what you WANT right now AND you're ready and willing to be coached and supported in a way that will help you get what you want, then hiring a life coach could be a very smart and extremely lucrative and profitable decision for you that could have an infinite return on your financial, energetic and time investments.


Do you need a life coach?


No, no one 'needs' a life coach.


Question is:


Do you WANT something you’ve not yet been able to get?


Are you open to being supported in a way that helps you to get what you want?


If YES then email me at and let's see what miracles we can create for you.


In your corner,



Matt Smith