How to get whatever you want…

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They’re SO into it,


All of them,


The 50 ish year old guy who looks like he’s a lecturer of some soft of science at the local Uni, you know the type.. Brown thick soled shoes, cream coloured trousers and a maroon coloured jumper over a blue and white check shirt, glasses and thick wiry black and grey hair #lecturerlook yeah he's into it.


The late teens, early 20’s girl who looks like she’s a student at said uni - white converse trainers, denim jeans with rips on the knees and a baggy sweatshirt that says fresh on the front, blondy brown hair in a lazy style ponytail #studentlook she's into it


The middle aged dude who looks like he’s never been to uni - undone black skater style trainers, baggy dark blue jeans and a black hoody with what I'm assuming is a rock band on the front and their tour dates on the back, greasy dark brown hair #gamerlook he's into it


And even the very old lady who looks like she’s about to retire from the Universe of life - you can imagine what she looks like, #cuteoldlady she's into it too.


They’re ALL in it,


The ‘it’ being: Whatever they’re in to.


I’m sat in a library and the above are just some of the people I can see as I look around me,


And no I don't mean to be judgemental and yes I’m trying my best to remove the part of me that is judgemental but as you’ve just read,


I’m not doing too good at that!!!


Seriously though, my intentions aren’t to be judgmental, I’m just trying to paint a picture for you because apparently that’s what a reader of a story or a blog like this one needs in order to process and retain information,


I say apparently because I’ve never seen hard facts to back up my reason for painting a picture for you,


Only what I’ve read in books and on tinternet, maybe I retained this information because the writer of said information painted a picture for me?


Who knows?


What I do know is, is that I’m very good at going off tangent, so let’s get back to why you and I are both here and follow a seamless link between all of the above characters and how you can get anything you want.


You may have already worked out from what I’ve said above that one of the vital steps to getting what you want is to be INTO IT.


The lecturer, the student, the gamer dude and the old lady are all on the path to getting what they came to the library to get simply because they are so into whatever it is they’re doing.


Need another example?


Here’s one for you..




One of my want to get's right now is to get more coaching clients.


There are many ways I can do this BUT


I can’t do it by meditating about it.


I can’t do it by praying for it.


I can’t do it by reading books about it.


I can’t do it by hiring mentors and coaches who have expertise in it.


I can’t even do it by flying half way around the world to find myself first.


YES those things can help me on my journey and YES all of those things have value and YES you and I COULD benefit from doing one or all of the above BUT,


If my want is to get more clients then the only way to do that is to be so into the getting of said clients that the universe has no other option but to fulfil said want.




Surely writing a blog post isn’t the BEST way to help me get clients,


And I’d agree, it isn’t,




I don’t just want one new client now,


What I really want is to get new clients on a regular basis,


But I also want to have high energy levels and the ability to spend time with myself and my family,


So while writing a blog might not be the best way to get clients RIGHT NOW,


It’s definitely one of the most efficient ways to get new clients LONG TERM,


How is it efficient you might ask?


Well this one blog will take me about an hour of my time to write, but it will be online for as long as I desire it to be online for (could be 50 years if the internet and us humans are still around for that long).


So in terms of potential R.O.I - it could be VERY profitable for me.


The point I’m making here, in case you missed it, is:


Work smart and be completely into your end goal that the universe has no option but to fulfil your desire.


And just go to back to the four aforementioned characters of this story,


Assuming they have the identities and roles I’ve ever so judgmentally given them,


The Lecturer is VERY into whatever he’s doing with his laptop on a desk and a variety of really thick books surrounding him,


So is the Student who’s curled up on a really comfy arm chair (I know it’s comfy because I’m sat on an identical chair - not her chair, that would be weird especially as I don’t know her, just one very much like the one she’s on) with a lap top on her lap and earphones in her ears - you could say she’s my library twin right now,


So is the Dude who’s playing some sort of game on one of the libraries own computers,


And so is the older lady who’s reading her book on the sofa,


Myself and them, we’re very much into what we're doing and that’s one of the reasons we’re, at the very least, on the path to getting exactly what we want in the area of our life that we're giving our attention to right now.




There’s more to this and if you want to come further down the rabbit hole with me then read on..




What separates the ones who get what they want from the ones who don’t get what they want even though they both at one point were into what they were doing?


Well a few things,


But one thing that is true when it comes to anyone getting anything is the one thing that is always present in everything at all times, everywhere,


And that thing is called energy.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to pass my laptop over to our lecturer friend so he give you a written lecture on energy,


What I’ll do is give you the whole subject of energy summed up in one sentence:


It cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred, converted or transmuted,


Again, I’m not going to go into all the science about this and if you want to know even more about what I’ve just said then Google is your friend,


For now what I will do is let you in on a very powerful secret that only a few people in the world know about,


Be warned though because once you know it then you can’t unknow it,


And yes this secret has the power to help you get WHATEVER you want,


So approach with caution because like I said, once you know this you can’t unknow it,


And once you know it you then have sole responsibility for your life and you will no longer have anyone to blame other than yourself when it comes to the experiences of your health, wealth and happiness aka your life,


You ready?


Then here’s the secret of everything:




That’s it.


Everything MUST flow in order to stay alive.


Anything that doesn't flow, dies.


You are very welcome,


Thank you for taking the time to read this message.


Good night.


Only joking.


Let me explain.


Picture a pond that has no flowing water into it or out of it (apart from rain water).


See how slimy and mouldy and stagnant and dark and smelly and seemingly dead that pond is.


Notice how the pond holds onto the water by not letting it flow out of it nor does it allow any other water to flow into it other than the occasional bit of rain water.


Now picture a fresh water river at the foot of beautiful mountains somewhere out in the countryside.


See how full of life and energy and light that river is.


Notice how the river bed doesn’t fearfully try to hold on to the water or the salmon and how instead the river bed is a place for all life to flow through it, allowing it to easily come and go as it pleases.


You want life to constantly give you what you want?


Then you must be like the river bed,


You must allow the FLOW of life and things and people and experiences and money and love and food to go through you,


You must allow energy to come and go,


You must allow it ALL to FLOW,


Here’s a gentle reminder that you may or may not have forgotten:


You don’t want more money so you can hold onto it,


You don’t want to get the man or woman or gender neutral person of your dreams just so you can lock them away in a cupboard (and if you do then please go and seek professional help ASAP!),


You don’t want to just to get into shape so you can look at your abdominals in the mirror all day long,


Deep down you want all of those things so you can use them in some way to fulfill a deeper purpose, a deeper meaning, a deeper feeling,


And I’ll put it to you that the feeling you want to feel is either  happiness or peace or fulfilment itself.


So let’s come back to me and my want for more clients for a sec,


Why is it that when I put my desire and intention out into the world for more clients that they come knocking at my proverbial door (they email me at almost instantly?


It’s because of the secret of FLOW,


I don’t just want to get clients so I can get clients,


I don’t even want them so I can get more money,


I don’t want them to make my parents proud,


And I definitely don’t want them to prove anything to anyone,


I simply want to get more clients so that I can serve my clients and so that I can ultimately help my clients to get what they want too,


I learn stuff about personal development and transformation and success and I share that with my clients,


I let it ALL flow through me.


My WHAT (getting clients so that I can serve them and ultimately transform their lives for the better) is 100% selfless but it's also 100% selfish at the same time,


Selfless because my clients get what they want,


Selfish because I get what I want.


Something I like to call a Win-Win situation,


And as A Course In Miracles states: ‘If you haven’t come to a win’win then you’re not there yet’ then I’m only interested in creating win-wins when it comes to every single one of my relationships,


And because of my personal commitment to only creating win-wins,


I am Truly successful.


Just like the Lecturer, for him to be truly successful he must make sure the thing he’s INTO not only benefits him, but via him letting what he discovers FLOW through him so that it benefits others too.


For the student to be truly successful, she must make sure that the thing she’s INTO not only benefits her but via letting what she learns and maybe becomes qualified in to FLOW through her it also benefits others too.


For the Dude playing his video game to be truly successful he must make sure that what he’s INTO not only benefits him but via sharing what he experiences with other gamers it benefits them too.


And finally the same goes for the old lady, for her to be truly successful she must make sure that the book she’s INTO not only benefits her but via recommending or not recommending the book, others benefit too.


Yes I’ve missed a little bit out about ‘truly successful’,


And instead of me giving you my definition of what I think true success is,


I’d like for you to take as long as you need to go away and define what true success means to you,


Because chances are,


The thing you think you want (more money, a better relationship, a healthier body) that you came here to learn how to get, ISN’T the END GOAL aka it isn't TRUE SUCCESS to you,


Yes it might be a stepping stone towards TRUE SUCCESS,


But I’m pretty sure it isn’t the final destination,


So the real question here isn't:


How do I get what I want?


The real POWER question you need to ask yourself is:


What do I ACTUALLY want and WHY do I want it? What's my goal beyond the goal?


And if there’s one thing I can give you that might be of some value to you when it comes to helping you to define and actually get YOUR version of TRUE SUCCESS and what you ACTUALLY want, it’s this:


Once a day for the next 60 days (you want to create habits that create lasting successes right?) find somewhere quiet and peaceful and relaxing and private and:


Close your eyes,


Then take 5 nice long and deep breaths while allowing yourself to really relax just for 5 minutes,

Keep taking nice long, slow relaxing breaths while you start to imagine your body, your relationships, your finances and your life to look EXACTLY how you truly desire those things to look, as if it were all absolutely perfect with zero restrictions or limitations,

Then allow yourself to see the work you’d do, when you'd do it and who you'd do it with if you were living that life on a daily basis.

And finally allow yourself to feel how you’d feel living this life and having this experience,

Bath in that moment for as long as you want or are able to (the longer the better).

THAT is your why,

THAT is your purpose,

And THAT is one of, if not the most powerful ways to get anything you want.


In your corner,




Ps. If you'd like to discuss what a coaching relationship and experience with me looks like then please email me at - serious and genuine enquiries only

Matt Smith