Goodbye past, HELLO FUTURE!

Are you READY AND WILLING to let go of your past (and maybe even your current set of circumstances) so that you can finally start living the life you’ve always wanted to live?

If ‘YES’ the listen up because I may have something for you..

Listen, we all make mistakes, we all do and say things we wished we hadn't,

Some of us even have traumatic experiences happen to us that were out of our control,

And some of us have just found ourselves in a shitty situation for seemingly no reason whatsoever!

Sound familiar?

Truth is, MOST OF US have some kind of PAIN from the past that, until we fully LET GO OF and WAVE GOODBYE TOO, will keep us from ultimately creating and LIVING the life we so desperately want to live.

Here’s another thing,

The reason you’re in pain right now,

Whether it be physical, mental, emotional, financial or even ralational,

The CAUSE of your pain might not even be known to you, like a subconscious or underlying belief that was planted there when you were learning to walk and talk,

But no matter what your pain is,

and no matter what the REASON for it being there is,

It’s simply stopping you from living the life you really want to live.

Hi, my name is Matt Smith and not only have I mastered the art of ‘bouncing back’, as I like to call it, from whatever life throws at me but I’ve also helped countless other people do the same,

Whether that be bouncing back from:

Poor health and fitness,

Broken relationships, heart ache and heart break,

Losing (lots) of money,

Depression and anxiety and panic attacks and lack of confidence,

One client actually wrote in their Christmas card to me once: ‘Thanks for changing and saving my life buddy!’.

I could go on but the truth is, I’m not here to brag about me and the results I’ve got with the countless people I’ve worked with over the last 10 years as a Transformation Coach,

I’m here to serve,

Which is why I'm VERY EXCITED to announce that I’m running the:

Goodbye past, HELLO FUTURE Event - A Live Workshop that is designed to get you living the life you’ve always wanted to live!

This incredibly powerful and life changing workshop has one goal in mind: 

To help you to FULLY let go of and wave goodbye to everything that’s no longer serving you so you can CREATE and ultimately LIVE a pleasurable and exciting future AKA…


A life rich with NEW AND EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES where everyone wins!

A life full of all the guilt free FUN AND JOY YOU CAN IMAGINE!





Let me ask you these 2 questions if I may:

What is it ACTUALLY COSTING YOU to stay with the life you currently have now in terms of your time and energy and health and finances and even inner peace?

And what is the life YOU REALLY WANT TO LIVE ACTUALLY WORTH to you?

Here’s something else you might want to consider:

Who ELSE is LOSING as a result of the life you currently have now? Your family? Your friends? The people you’re here to serve?

And who ELSE would WIN as a result of you having the life you really want to have? Your family? Your friends? The people you’re here to serve?

Can you see how when you’re winning, EVERYONE ELSE wins too?

’A rising tide lifts all boats’ ~ Someone once said.

If everyone else wins as a result of you winning, just think how much more they’d LOVE and APPRECIATE YOU*.

*Not that what others think about you matters, but it’s definitely pretty AWESOME to have people love and appreciate you for who you are and the work you’re doing, wouldn’t you agree?

OK, that’s enough of the sales pitch..

..I think we’ve established that you’re here for a reason and that finally saying Goodbye past, HELLO FUTURE is EXTREMELY VALUABLE to you and those around you,

So if you’re ready to start living the life you really want to live,

Then secure your place on the Goodbye past, HELLO FUTURE LIVE WORKSHOP NOW simply by clicking the button below.. 

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If you’ve just clicked that butting but you didn’t get your ticket, then you’ll have noticed the £500 price tag.

I know I know, I’m massively insulting you and devaluing the incredible life you want to live by only charging £500 for this event,

And yes your dream life is worth a LOT more than £500,

But the truth is, even though I could easily charge £10,000 for this type of event (and I may do in the future),

I also know that if I did charge £10,000 for this event then a LOT of people wouldn’t be able to get access it,

And as I want as many people to have access to what I’m going to share during the workshop as possible,

As much as it pains me (and the misses - she LOVES travelling around the world in style) I have to only charge £500 (if you want to send me more then just let me know and I’ll send you a link for you to do that).

So no it’s not a mistake, it could and probably should be a £10,000 price tag,

But it really is only £500 for this incredible event that promises to give you everything you need in order to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Which leads me nicely onto..

My 100% money back guarantee! Yes that’s right, if, after the workshop has finished, you feel it hasn't been of value to you WHATSOEVER then just let me know and I'll send every single penny of your £500 investment back to you, no questions asked - you really can’t lose with this one. 

Want to know who the workshop IS for?

- Single people or people who are unhappy in their relationship who want to attract and experience the very best relationship with their SOULS MATE!

- Anyone struggling to break through their money blocks that wants to have WAY more coming in than they have going out without feeling guilty or burning themselves out in the process - it get’s to be fun and easy!

- Anyone who’s tried getting to shape with their body but has failed and failed and failed but is also ready to create the Strong and Sexy AF they’ve always wanted!

- Anyone who wants to achieve inner peace and/or confidence in themselves so that they can go out into the world as their most truest, highest and best self!

- And anyone who’s ready and willing to finally say Goodbye past, HELLO FUTURE so they can ultimately live the life they’ve always wanted to live!

If any, or all, of the above resonate with you and you’re READY AND WILLING to live the life you’ve always dreamed of then grab your ticket by clicking the button below now!

You ARE worthy and you WILL BE supported.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Pps. No this isn't a seminar where I just talk at you and then pitch my coaching services at the end, this is a live and intensive workshop that will actually get you doing some simple yet extremely effective exercises that will actually release you from the ties of your past so that you have the power, freedom, clarity and confidence to create your perfect future! I promise you there will be no sales pitch whatsoever.

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